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As 2018 comes to a close....
Critical considerations when selecting rehab shower commode chairs
Blog created by Respecta, Finland following a training by Sharon in December 2016
2015 is sliding away!
Hips and Seating challenges...


As 2018 closes......
Clinical considerations when selecting rehab shower commode chairs
Fall 2013
Fall 2015
Interview with Sharon following training conducted in Finland December 2016
Seating and Hip Joint Limitations...
Seating for the Elderly


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Fall 2015

2015 is sliding away!

I cannot believe it is almost November and the holiday season. I have been traveling extensively doing clinical presentations and hands on evaluations with clients all over the US over the past few months. Its been a great Fall so far - or as we say in Ireland .... a beautiful Autumn:) 
2016 is fast approaching and I find my calendar becoming solidly booked until June. This is simply a reflection of how many people are in need of seating, mobility and standing evaluations and training. The clients and clinicians I meet everyday worldwide in my travels are fantastic. I feel privileged to work with each and every one. 
The number one challenge that everyone faces it seems is diminishing funding... this means that as clinicians we have to get better and better at our evaluations and documentation. If what we are prescribing/recommending is not deemed to be the minimal essential equipment that our clients need we find ourselves appealing and redoing all the paperwork.. This costs time and money and most importantly it costs our clients time while they wait for appropriate equipment. In the interim, they are often stuck with nothing or with equipment that is inappropriate and even causing physical and functional deterioration. If you are reading this- what are your thoughts and experiences? 

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