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As 2018 comes to a close....
Critical considerations when selecting rehab shower commode chairs
Blog created by Respecta, Finland following a training by Sharon in December 2016
2015 is sliding away!
Hips and Seating challenges...


As 2018 closes......
Clinical considerations when selecting rehab shower commode chairs
Fall 2013
Fall 2015
Interview with Sharon following training conducted in Finland December 2016
Seating and Hip Joint Limitations...
Seating for the Elderly


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Fall 2013

On the road again!

So hard to believe that summer is over and fall is upon us! Its been a really crazy - busy FUN summer between work travel and personal travel. I am sure some of you have heard..... I got married in August to this wonderful man " Scott Sutherland" I am now in the midst of figuring out this name change jungle!!! I will keep you all posted on that progress!
In October I will have at least 10 speaking engagements which will include hands on evaluations and a lot of fun interaction with various audiences in the field of complex rehab! This will be followed with a trip to my homeland in early November where I have the pleasure of speaking at the European Seating Symposium in Dublin:) Of course this will include a quick visit with my family who live in Ireland... I cant wait... ! 
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