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As 2018 comes to a close....
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As 2018 closes......
Clinical considerations when selecting rehab shower commode chairs
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Interview with Sharon following training conducted in Finland December 2016
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As 2018 closes......

As 2018 comes to a close....

Time sure flies by! Here we are with 2018 coming to a close! I have just returned from some quite extensive working trips where I had the privilege of working with so many wonderful clinicians and clients/patients. My work since beginning of October took me to Ontario, Canada, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, New Zealand, Australia, Martinique and Guadalupe! The consistent message that I must share from ALL of these areas is that we have a continuous challenge in the world of postural care management as it relates to the seated position. This challenge is one that I have written about in previous blogs over the years - and that is regarding the lack of hip joint range of motion relative to the seated position. 90% of all the clients/patients that I have the privilege of working with and doing hands on assessments with, simply do NOT have the range of motion necessary to sit in the seating systems they are in. The consequence is a series of postural, respiratory , skin integrity and functional compromises with resultant shape deformation. Upon evaluation of these clients/patients there is a definite link between the favoured lying/sleep position and the presenting seated alignment. 
In 2019 I will focus much more on this topic and look forward to communicating with fellow clinicians in the hope of improving our assessment and communication skills around this area of challenge.
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