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Hips and Seating challenges...

Do you think about the relationship between hip limitations and seating? In the past 4 years, I have been paying close attention to this. Approximately 80% of all the clients ( not age specific) I have had the privilege of assessing for wheelchair seating during this time have not had the range of motion necessary to sit successfully in the wheelchair seating systems they were presenting in (On average I see between 15-20 clients per month). Their presenting symptoms varied from sacral sitting and compensating kyphosis with hyper extended cervical spine to extreme pelvic obliquity, pelvic rotation and compensating scoliosis with very compromised respiratory  and disgestive function. Upon assessment out of the chair on a mat table or plinth in supine, it is revealed that their hip range of motion relative to their pelvis is very compromised on one or both sides... This leaves a dilemma when it comes to effective seating solutions.... I believe we need to consider carefully our options... Have the client "fit the chair/seating system"  or have the chair/seating system fit the client"..... What are your thoughts? - what are our options? Are you seeing this when you do your full "out of chair" seating assessments? Do you stumble upon this with your clients who present with more complex seating needs? Would you like to discuss this? 

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