Seating Solutions LLC - Company Message

What we offer: 

Presentation/training Topics
  • Positioning and mobility related to the following groups
  • Pediatrics: Early Intervention through Early Adult years
  • General Adult
  • Elderly
  • Bariatrics

    • Considerations for the management of Skin Integrity when working with the wheelchair seated client 
    • Critical considerations for the client with complex seating/positioning needs- How do we overcome the fear of complexity?
    • The hands on seating assessment/ mat evaluation- Why bother?
    • Best Practices in the use of Interface Pressure Mapping
    • Selecting a Wheelchair Seat Cushion- what is the necessary information needed while making decisions?
    • The ins and outs of Back Supports- What we need to know and why? 
    • Respecting the hips- what are the consequences when we don't in the world of seating?
    • Prescribing bathroom equipment? - What are some of the most critical clinical considerations with regard to skin integrity and positioning?

  • Full day & half day face to face clinical education courses on the topic of Seating,Positioning & Mobility with focus on any of the above.

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