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Sharon Sutherland PT, MISCP,MNAPTA: Owner/Manager of Seating Solutions LLC. 
Seating Solutions LLC offers a wide array of clinical rehab services as well as clinical education in the field of 24 hour postural care management, skin integrity preservation & mobility.   
Sharon has specialised in the field of positioning, seating and mobility for the past 29 years.
Graduating from The University of Dublin, Trinity College as a Physiotherapist, Sharon has experienced many aspects of the positioning, seating and mobility service delivery models in North America, Latin America, New Zealand, and in the EU. She offers clinical consultation to clients/patients, clinicians and manufacturers worldwide.
She has given hundreds of presentations on postural care management, skin integrity preservation and mobility to audiences including Physio/Physical and Occupational Therapists, Engineers, Physicians, Attorneys, Nurses and Case Managers worldwide. Sharon is a contributing author in the recently published “Seating and Wheeled Mobility: A Clinical Resource Guide”. Known to many as a dynamic, compassionate and highly energetic speaker, Sharon’s knowledge and clinical experience makes her a very skilled clinician and instructor. 

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