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What we offer: 

  • Pediatrics: Early Intervention through Early Adult years
  • General Adult
  • Elderly
  • Bariatrics
  • Considerations for the management of Skin Integrity when working with the wheelchair seated client 
  • Critical considerations for the client with complex seating/positioning needs- How do we overcome the fear of complexity?
  • The hands on seating assessment/ mat evaluation- Why bother?
  • Best Practices in the use of Interface Pressure Mapping
  • Selecting a Wheelchair Seat Cushion- what is the necessary information needed while making decisions?
  • The ins and outs of Back Supports- What we need to know and why? 
  • Respecting the hips- what are the consequences when we don't in the world of seating?
  • Prescribing bathroom equipment? - What are some of the most critical clinical considerations with regard to skin integrity and positioning?

  • Full day & half day face to face clinical education courses on the topic of Seating, Mobility and Positioning with focus on any of the above.

    Webinars: One to two hours on segments of any of the above listed topics customized to your audience.

    Hands on clinical training: Onsite with your patients. Do you ever feel challenged when faced with having to do seating assessments;  create prescriptions and provide supporting documentation when perhaps you have not had the necessary in depth training that you need? We can help you and your team improve your skills.... 

    2015 LASS

    This assessment form was created by me for my own personal use during assessments. Its a basic data collection tool that I find very helpful while doing my hands on seating assessments. Please feel free to use it if it is at all helpful to you. 

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